fresh local menu

All your ingredients are sourced from the freshest, local produce of the area.

the menu

Please note that this is a sample menu and may change.

fresh and fragrant


  • Soup of the day €4

    Delicious soup of the day

  • Shrimp Tapas €5

    Shrimp tapas with beetroot and hollandaise sauce

  • Sardine Tapas €6

    Marinated sardine tapas with a tapenade and tomato sauce

  • Mussels - Sri Lankan €10

    Fresh mussels with a delicious Sro Lankan sauce

  • Mussels €10

    Fresh mussels with a vibrant tomato sauce

  • Oysters €15

    Oysters with a mignonette sauce

Made with love

Main Course

  • Chicken burger €8.50

    Succulent chicken burger with roasted potatoes

  • Fillet mignon sandwich €9.50

    Fillet mignon sandwich with sourdough and roasted potatoes

  • Italian vegan Meatball burger €8.50

    Italian vegan meatball burger with roasted potatoes

  • Mushroom vegan tapas €10

    Tasty mushroom vegan tacos

  • Roasted meat tacos €10

    delicious roasted meat tacos

  • Dish of the day ?

    Chef's choice of the day

“Hunger Is The Best Sauce”

Miguel De Cervantes

Something for the soul


  • Chocolate Mousse €4

    Mouth watering, indulgent chocolate mousse with sea salt and pink pepper.

  • Wild berry cheesecake €4.50

    To die for wild berry cheesecake